Corporate Overview

Our focus is to extend healthy human lifespan by using advanced genomics to develop therapeutic substances that attack the diseases of aging.  We are the first company founded to exploit artificial selection of animal models for longevity.

Our extremely long-lived animal models (Drosophila melanogaster) have been developed over 700 generations. They are an ideal system for the study of aging and age-related disease because Drosophila metabolic genetic pathways that are highly conserved in humans.

Our sophisticated analysis cross-links gene function in Drosophila with their human orthologs, thus revealing the targets for therapeutic substance development.  To date we have discovered over 100 of these genomic targets, all related to the primary diseases of aging.

This large library of targets, enables Genescient to effectively select and test therapeutic drug candidates.  To date, Genescient’s “proof-of-concept” testing program has yielded a number of very promising therapeutic substances.

Genescient’s screening platform also enables us to partner with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to test and rapidly move forward promising drug candidates.  In an era where drug failure at a late clinical trial phase can cost a company hundreds of millions of dollars, Genescient’s unparalleled screening technology helps pharmaceutical companies to rapidly eliminate poor candidates.

Finally, Genescient’s technology give it a unique insight into the application of genomics to identify genomic pathways associated with specific diseases.

Genescient thinks large and moves fast, pursuing a better way to better medicine.