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Welcome to Genescient
Genescient is a new generation biotechnology company that combines evolutionary genomics with massive selective screening to analyze and exploit the genetics of model animal and human whole genomes. This enables Genescient to develop novel therapeutics that target the chronic diseases of aging.
AIs, Superflies, and the Path to Immortality

Interpretation of genetic data from fruit flies bred for longevity suggests the major culprit [behind poor health, disease and limited healthspan] may not be accumulated damage, or any particular... 
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Caffeine Cuts Male Mating Success

  Genescient study suggests that, when long-term effects are considered, two commonly ingested stimulants are not created equal. The study compares the effects of two stimulants and... 
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Adaptation, Aging, and Genomic Information

Aging is not simply an accumulation of damage or inappropriate higher-order signaling.  Aging occurs because of the extensive absence of adaptive genomic information required for survival... 
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Genescient and Kronos Announce Alzheimer’s Disease Collaboration

Genescient Corporation and Kronos Science Laboratory will work together to analyze the Kronos Alzheimer’s Case-Control Database, considered to be the finest Alzheimer’s Disease... 
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