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Genescient is a new generation biotechnology company that combines evolutionary genomics with massive selective screening to analyze and exploit the genetics of model animal and human whole genomes. This enables Genescient to develop novel therapeutics that target the chronic diseases of aging.

Our Publications

  • Herbal Supplement Extends Life Span Under Some Environmental Conditions

    April 16, 2015 Abstract Genetic studies indicate that aging is modulated by a great number of genetic pathways. We have used Drosophila longevity and stress assays to test a multipath intervention strategy. To carry out this strategy, we supplemented the flies with herbal extracts (SC100) that are predicted to modulate […]

  • Adaptation, Aging, and Genomic Information

    Aging is not simply an accumulation of damage or inappropriate higher-order signaling. Aging occurs because of the extensive absence of adaptive genomic information

  • Evolution of ageing since Darwin

    Evolutionary biology provides the only cogent, formally developed, and experimentally corroborated theory for biological ageing. In this essay, we supply a brisk run through the highlights of evolutionary research on the biology of ageing.

Media Coverage

  • Flying in the face of aging

    December 16, 2013 The Methuselah fruit fly lives for about four months – four times longer than an ordinary fruit fly. They’re also more vigorous. “They beat up the other flies and take their women away,” said Gregory Benford, a retired UC Irvine physics professor. Benford, 72, is co-founder of […]

  • AIs, Superflies, and the Path to Immortality

    Interpretation of genetic data from fruit flies bred for longevity suggests the major culprit [behind poor health, disease and limited healthspan] may not be accumulated damage, or any particular mechanism, but rather the intersection of biological complexity with evolutionary adaptation By Ben Goertzel August 10, 2010 Excerpt from the August […]

  • Live Longer With Evolution? Evidence May Lie in Fruit Flies

    Through selective breeding, Dr. Rose was able to create a long-lived line of creatures he called Methuselah flies. He then put his research into reverse and developed flies with much shortened life spans.